Simply Cure What Ails You!

          Have you had the same swing problem for years?—Have you consistently read the articles in all the golf magazines telling you about sure-fire cures for your slice, or hook, or whatever ails you?lessons3.jpg

          Chances are, if you're relying on magazines and quick-fixes and do-it-yourself programs instead of seeing your professional, you’re still suffering from that same swing problem.  If you did go see the pro and he cured your ailment, you probably said something like, “I should have done that a long time ago.”  Hindsight being 20/20 and all!

          The point is this: there’s no need to suffer when help is so easily available.  If you’re tired of hitting that same old slice, or if you can’t seem to master reading greens.  If you have a problem with your game that is keeping you from enjoying golf to its fullest—you have the power to make it better!

Simply Go To a Professional!

          Chad Harmon is always very eager and willing to help you improve your enjoyment of the game!  That’s what he does! 

          Golf is supposed to be fun and, since what’s keeping you from truly having fun is fixable and a hell-of-a-lot more fun than do-it-yourself techniques could ever be, why don’t you do it?  Just let Chad know what’s ailing your golf swing, and he’ll have you scoring better and having more fun right away!

          Don’t be stubborn when it comes to improving your overall golf game.  It’s just too important to let it go unchecked!!!

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Junior Golf

          Riverlakes Ranch is proud to present The Junior Golf Academy, Bakersfield's largest and mosts succesful junior golf academy.  The academy has a unique curriculum that combines golf skills with character development.  The program is year round and designed for junior golfers from age 6-18 and all abilities are welcome!  The junior is placed in his/her appropriate skill level and are able to advance through the 6 levels of comprehensive instruction at their own pace.  Click Here for more information.