The Years Have Been Good

          Completed in 1999, RiverLakes Ranch stands on what was once fertile cotton and vegetable fields.  Those fields gave way tohistory1.jpg almond orchards and other development including the RiverLakes Ranch community and surrounding development.

          Today, this Ronald Fream masterpiece stands out as the best use and reuse of natural resources for a golf course in the Central Valley.  Over 200 mature almond trees were saved and replanted to blend in within the golf course and mingle with Canary Island pines and California redwoods. 

          RiverLakes Ranch is also self-sufficient when it comes to water.  The Water table is quite deep, but RiverLakes’ state-of-the-art pumping station insures great golf year-round.

          All the greens are mature and receptive while the natural and man-made landscaping is deeply rooted and constantly in great shape.  The course has really grown into its outline and become the place to play in Bakersfield!

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