Executive Golf Course

short_course_002.jpgOne of the hidden gems here at Riverlakes Ranch is our par 3 executive course. It’s fun, it’s versatile, and there is lots to be learned from it whether you are an adult, a junior, a lower handicapper or a beginner, and the fees are only $5/person.

Face it, most golfers don’t really have that mid to short iron perfected. Our par 3 course will sharpen and fine-tune your game. You’ve heard that saying drive for show and putt for dough but honing and perfecting that laser sharp iron approach shot to the pin is what separates the good from the great. Take on the terrific three and practice those crucial, critical shots and have fun whether you are a lower handicapper or just learning. 

JuniorCourse8.2013.JPGIn fact, the par 3 course is just the place to be if you are just learning. 18 holes or even 9 can be very intimidating if you are a beginning golfer especially when the pin seems to be a mile away. Take your time and gain your confidence on three holes that will teach you about course management. 

For golf addicts, loop the threesome one or two times to get your golf fix for the day. Instead of indulging in a fattening lunch with boring folks, come on out and enjoy a few holes to work off your frustrations while enjoying nature and getting some fresh air and exercise all the while improving your game. And playing will probably cost less than a lunch at a sit down restaurant……and no tip either!